Representation matters, especially in public health.

It ensures that the specific needs, experiences, and health disparities within the Black community are acknowledged, understood, and addressed effectively. A dedicated platform for the Black community facilitates tailored health information, culturally sensitive resources, and targeted interventions, fostering trust and engagement within this demographic. By focusing on the Black community, Elevate Black Health can actively combat systemic health inequities, promoting equitable access to healthcare, while empowering individuals to make informed decisions about their well-being.

Elevate Black Health serves as a space to amplify voices, share success stories, and highlight resilience, fostering a sense of belonging and unity within the community while reducing stigmas associated with planning the healthcare journey. Ultimately, Elevate Black Health is for the Black community and serves as a critical tool in improving health outcomes and dismantling long-standing health disparities.

Meet the Team

stephen earley jordan
Stephen Earley Jordan
Lead Writer and Founder

Stephen Earley Jordan is the lead writer, founder of Elevate Black Health. He has 25+ years in the public health and pharmaceutical marketing industry. He has worked on various public health campaigns for various organizations, including New York City Department of Health. Campaigns include: smoking cessation, healthy children, trans fat, HIV/AIDS, Flu Vaccines, Safe homes, and more. Jordan has worked with multicultural divisions to ensure all literature was translated into six additional languages for the specific targeted demographics. Jordan has also spent time in the pharmaceutical marketing industry, and worked on various marketing campaigns for oncology, rheumatoid arthritis, probiotics, medical devices, facial fillers, thyroid- and dry-eye diseases, and numerous rare diseases.

Joyell Arscott, Ph.D., B.S.N., R.N., ACRN
Health Science Liaison

Joyell Arscott, Ph.D., B.S.N., R.N., ACRN, is the Health Science Liaison with Elevate Black Health. She is also the founder of JACS, a women and minority-owned organizational change management firm helping organizations address gaps in health equity for vulnerable populations. Dr. Arscott has over 20 years of experience in the healthcare, education, and public research sectors. Her company serves academic, private, and governmental agencies, providing training, research services, and coaching to executives and staff. Dr. Arscott has also provided mentorship and coaching to medical and nursing students and clinical professionals through academic, social enrichment, and health equity programs. Dr. Joyell Arscott earned a B.S. in Biology from Towson University, an A.S. in Nursing from the Community College of Baltimore County, a B.S.N. from the University of Maryland, Baltimore, and a Ph.D. in Nursing from Duke University.

Devesco Pierre is the Health Data Analyst with Elevate Black Health. He has worked 16 years in IT infrastructure monitoring. He has a strong passion for public health and stays active with his own personal initiatives like long distance cycling, strength training, running, swimming, rowing, and a growing passion for SCUBA diving.